Helping to put the pieces together
Helping to put the pieces together

Introduction to Attachment Based Psychotherapy and Counselling

Some people have childhoods and upbringings that equip them for life. Not just financially or physically but emotionally. They grow up to be resilient strong happy individuals.

Then something happens that throws them off course. With the help of friends and family they work through what are difficult times and return to leading fulfilling and happy lives. On other occasions friends and family are not enough and a little extra help is needed to put them back on track. In a case such as this Counselling can help to restore the balance.


In other cases however it is hard to be happy at all. Attachment theory tell us that for those whose parents were unable to give them the childhood and upbringing that met their changing needs, for those whose parents found it difficult or impossible to attune to them, life is one where there is little emotional resilience.

People with low emotional resilience feel they list from one crisis to another. They have relationships that cause them unhappiness and make them feel low. They feel life is really difficult and everything goes wrong for them. Their defence mechanisms, once vital for survival, are now additional problems that can make life almost too difficult to bear.

Our earliest relationships have an effect on the relationship we have with ourselves, the relationships we have with those who are important to us, and the relationship we have with society, the wider world in which we live.

Therapy in a safe environment gives the opportunity to begin to think about this relationship with self and with others. Therapy can help to gain an understanding of how we see our place in the world and why. Through a strong therapeutic alliance repair can begin.

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